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The Care and Keeping of Your Handmade Soap

Like a Mogwai, soap, too has it’s own care requirements.

*Always keep it dry.

*Store away from moisture.

*Keep from direct sunlight.

*And what ever you do, never, ever let it sit in a puddle of water, or you’ll be sorry!


Handmade soap contains naturally occurring glycerin, which is a humectant and draws moisture to it.  The lack of preservatives means your handcrafted soap needs just a wee bit more care than one of those detergent bars you find at the grocer’s.

It’s important to allow your soap to dry out between uses to make it last as long as possible.  Because of this glycerin, a bar of soap can melt quickly if left sitting in water.  Avoid soap dishes that allow your soap bar to sit in water, or even those poorly designed shower “soap dishes” that are often built in. It’s ideal to store your soap outside the shower, but please, at least on a dish that raises it up and allows air movement around the bar.

It’s not recommended to store your soap under the sink.  Condensation or leaks can cause your soap to melt away.  Remember that glycerin?  This environment is too damp for successful storage. We want that glycerin to draw moisture to your skin, not your cabinet.

Keep any bars of soap not being used somewhere dry, like in a linen closet or drawer.  Your soap will keep your linens smelling fresh while being protected from moisture.  Additionally, sunlight can cause the colorants of your soap to fade.  Storing your bars in a dark place helps retain their vivid colors.

In order to make your soap last longer, you can lather with a pouf or washcloth.  The longevity of the bar improves if you do not rub it directly on your skin.  Additionally, you could cut the bar in half, using just half at a time, stretching the longevity of your bar.

Handcrafted soap is best used within six months purchase.  While soaps have been found buried in the tombs of pharaohs and still been perfectly usable, I’m not guaranteeing mine to be.  Please use and enjoy!

With a little care, your handmade soap should nourish your skin for about 3-4 weeks depending on use.

And remember, it’s soap.  It’s made to use and get you clean.

Happy Bathing!