New Year

New Beginnings

Honeysuckle Kiss

The New Year always brings about reflection, resolution, and new starts designed to help us grow as people.  But, did you know it’s also a good time to reflect and grow as a business?  Here at Fairytale Bath, we’ve been taking some time to reflect and redefine our direction as a company to better serve you, the much loved protagonists of our story.

With that in mind, we have created a few resolutions for this year:

To continue to evolve as a company

This means that from time to time our website may be down while we update with new products and new web design.  We will do our best to limit the down time, and give you prior notice.

New men’s products we added this past fall

To refine our design

Labels and packaging will be getting a makeover to better reflect our brand and what we believe in.  New packaging and a new look will be rolling out slowly over 2018.  One planned aspect of this involves more environmentally friendly packaging.  Feedback on the new look and suggestions on improvement is always welcome.

To expand

This is the year we hope to secure stockists, making it easier for our customers to find their favorite products locally.  We will be offering incentives to anyone who can help us locate appropriate stockists, and get our products on their shelves.  After all, you are some of the best resources throughout the land!

Island Dreams, my Great Cakes Soapworks December Challenge- Straight Lines

To continue to grow in technique and skill

There is always more to learn!  You may know that I took part in a soap challenge club for the very last challenge this particular group was offering, ever.  While the club may be dissolved, I learned a lot in my brief time about the nature of soap as art, and I plan to continue to grow these skills over the coming year.  To that extent, I plan on showcasing this work, making these limited editions available to you upon curing.

To educate

I’m always happy to answer your questions the best I can within the parameters laid by the FDA.  Meaning, while I can’t make medical claims, I can tell you about why I choose to use the oils I do and what makes them awesome. Or about the different types of soap and soaping processes.  Or a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make soap.  I’m completely open to suggestions here.

To give back

Fairytales cover so many cultures and stories.  They aren’t always knights, princesses, and dragons.  But we vow to put in action a plan to give back in a way to help increase the outcome of happier endings for children with Congenital Heart Disease, and increase the need for organ donors everywhere.


How about you?  What are some of your resolutions for this year?