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Soap as Science and Art

One of the things I love about making soap, is that it’s a blend of art and science. Mix this combination of oils together with sodium hydroxide, and POOF! Alchemy! Pour colored soap batter in just such a way, and ART!

Another thing I love is that there is always a new technique to learn, a new swirl pattern, another challenge right around the corner. And each time I try something new, I learn a little more about the chemistry of soap, how it behaves with each addition or blend or pour technique I try.

I don’t plan to keep the same color/pattern matches to each scent.  I love that I have the freedom to mix it up at my whim.  Rainbows might be straight (or almost straight) lines today, but be a groovy psychedelic swirl next time.  Or black raspberry vanilla scented right now, and citrus-y in the future.  Nothing is static.

My plan for this year is to continue to stretch my skills by trying more challenging swirl techniques.  I will also be talking more about the science behind soap and how it works.  There is always, always more to learn and skills to improve upon.  I hope you’ll tag along for the ride.